Welcome to this blog. My aim is to keep a public log of what I experience whilst recording my documentary; “Fighting the bulls”.

I have long been interested in bullfighting, but not necessarily in relation to the act itself. I think it’s more the fact that we have nothing comparable in the UK, at least not since fox hunting was made illegal. Bullfighting (or tauromaquia) interests me because it seems to have been lifted straight out of the past. Clearly, tradition is of vital importance to the Spanish people; that cannot be denied. But is this link to the past weakening?

Wherever you turn, there seem to be more reports and studies detailing how bullfighting is on the decline, and how people are turning their backs on a once beloved tradition. Why is this the case? Or is this the case?

I intend to pick away at these arguments over the course of about three weeks in Spain. I hope to provide you with some answers, and in the process I hope to uncover some answers to questions I have about bullfighting in general.

This blog and documentary will not advocate one side or the other. What I will be doing is offering level, and informed, arguments from both sides. Setting myself up for one side or the other is setting myself up for a fall, and doing a discredit to any audience who might want a different perspective.

I look forward to writing for you over the course of the next month. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do preparing it.

Un saludo cordial,

Daniel Bennett


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